Our Services

We are an independent captive insurance management company, providing a wider scope of services than any other captive manager. Our extensive experience allows us to offer captive management services which are hands on and catered specifically to our client’s requests.

Establishing Captive Reinsurance of Employee Benefit Programs


Granite can do everything necessary to transfer a client’s International Employee Risk Benefit programs into a captive reinsurance arrangement.

This service includes:
  • Discussions with a client’s local Finance and HR staffs to ensure their understanding and active support. This may include union, works council and trustee negotiations
  • Facilitating meetings with local service providers and local client representatives
  • Determining the appropriate premium for each Employee Risk benefit (i.e. underwriting) in accordance with the clients’ philosophy. This will undoubtedly result in cost savings;
    • Our benchmark data has shown proven results for our clients with up to 35% annual savings achieved for one company
    • Savings can be achieved without changing/reducing benefit terms and conditions
  • Advising local HR/Finance staff regarding effective claims management techniques
  • Maintaining centralized data of client’s global employee benefits costs, claims and terms
  • Results in improved corporate governance and control of client’s IEB programs

Captive Management


Granite's captive management services enable clients to achieve the benefits of operating their own insurance company without incurring high staff and infrastructure costs. Our captive management professionals work with clients every step of the way, from the incorporation of the captive through to its active day-to-day management.

Granite offers a wide range of services including:
  • Full accounting services tailored to client needs
  • Co-ordination of tax, banking, auditing, actuarial, legal representation, corporate governance and regulatory requirements
  • Access to well established working relationships with Government representatives in Bermuda
  • Monitoring security and collateral requirements
  • Full underwriting services for all classes of business
  • Strategic management
  • Insurance policy administration
  • Full claims management services

Advisory Services


Granite’s captive advisory professionals provide specialized advice on the financial, strategic, and operational risks relating to captives. This advice is given not only to organizations considering establishing captives, but also to those already using captives and looking to reevaluate the captive's rationale, value to the corporation and capital efficiency.

Other Consulting Services


Aside from our main listed services Granite is versatile in that it can troubleshoot any problems or questions you have regarding your captive;

  • Extensive advice and analyses of non-reinsured (including self-insured) IEB programs
  • Annual pricing reviews with insurer
  • Improved cash flow analysis and initiatives
  • Benchmarking of programs in terms of design, pricing and scope
  • Re-domiciling of your captive to Bermuda
  • End of captive lifecycle solutions